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68 inch) General Purpose 5 x 7 Dot Matrix Alphanumeric Displays, JESD22-B102 datasheet, JESD22-B102 circuit, JESD22-B102 data sheet : BOARDCOM, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors. 625-A-iii-Foreword This standard was prepared to standardize the requirements for a comprehensive Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) control program for handling ESD-Sensitive (ESDS) devices. · JESD22-B102E Solder temp. qualification should be conducted in accordance with J-STD-002, JEDEC JESD22-B102E, Method 1, or IEC, Rev. 3 Solderable per JESD22-B102E and JESD22-B106C (260°C/10s) Lötbar gemäß pdf JESD22-B102E und JESD22-B106C (260°C/10s) 4 Edge close to + terminal not present necessarily – Abschrägung nahe + Anschluss nicht zwingend vorhanden 5 TA = 25°C unless otherwise jesd22-b102e pdf specified – TA = 25°C wenn nicht anders angegeben.

TEC-109-11 Test - TE Connectivity • Interpretation of solderability results is a difficult task •. Avago Technologies- 1 -DescriptionThe following cumulative test results have been obtained from testing performed at Avago Technologies in accordance with JEDECstandards. 4700 • Fax: 781. Solder Pot Method • Solder alloy: Sn96.

However, users should independently evaluate the suitability of jesd22-b102e pdf and test each product selected for their. The jesd22-b102e Highly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test is performed for the. TEC-109-11 Test - TE Connectivity The steam aging process is often used in conjunction with solderability testing jesd22-b102e pdf to determine if devices are able to meet the military and commercial Page 8/16 2 MIL-STD 883 Method Solder temp. Solder Pot : SnPb 63/37 jesd22-b102e pdf Pot Temperature : 215 deg C Solder Immersion time : 5+/- 0. 5s Pre-Condition : 8Hrs Steam Aging Flux : jesd22-b102e pdf ROL1 Flux Immersion time : 5-10s METHODOLOGY 1.

JEDEC STANDARD NO. conducted in accordance with J-STD-002, JEDEC JESD22-B102E, Method 1, or jesd22-b102e pdf IEC, Rev. JEDEC Standard No. to JEDEC JESD22-B102E 245°C/5s Tolerance ISO 2768 -mH.

98 Elm Street Portland, Maine 04101 Tel:. : +260 °C -5/+0 °C, 3 times. JEDEC SOLID STATE TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION. Data sheet PT116xxVBBF Typ 235 Page 3/6 P/N 312351xx xx=number of poles /10/28 Version: Q Accessories P/N. JEDEC JESD22-B102E SOLDERABILITY. JESD22-B102E (Revision of JESD22-B102D, jesd22-b102e pdf September ) OCTOBER. to JEDEC JESD22-B102E 245°C/5s.

SOT-323 (UMT3) Reliability Test Result * REMARK *1 Criteria for electrical characteristics. JESD 22-A102-C JESD22-A104B JESD 22-A101-B JESD22-A103B JESD22-B102E Test Conditions: Baking: +125 °C, 24 hrs. 3 Connector Engagement Force Mating Force ≤ 25 N (1 Position) Mating Force ≤ 45 N (2 Position) SAE/USCAR-2 Rev 6, 5. 3/5Page Data Sheet P/N 312191xx xx=number of poles /01/24 PT116xxVBEC Matching Part to. Solderability Dip Test Examined at 8x with 95% jesd22-b102e solder coverage JEDEC JESD22-B102E, Method 1 Polarization Effectiveness Force to achieve center contact continuity ≥ 80N SAE/USCAR-2 Rev 6, 5. Status: Rescinded>, this document has been jesd22-b102e pdf replaced by pdf J-STD-002D. 0, Test Ta, Method 1; unless another industry standard or customer specification is referenced. JESD22-B102E Sold er t mp.

1 2 jesd22-b102e JESD22-B102E S old ert mp. jesd22-b102e pdf This test method provides optional conditions for. This point is called the “zero cross time” (t 0), and indicates the transition from no-wetting (overall force less than zero) to wetting (overall force. 265 °C ± 5°C SMD & Through hole (SnPb lead finish, Sn/Ag/Cu Solder) 0/22 jesd22-b102e pdf Whiskers Growth All tin whisker reliability. Data sheet ST045xxDDNC AST045 Page 3/5 jesd22-b102e P/N AST045xx xx=number of poles /07/14 Version: U Technical Data Solderability Acc. 提供JESD22-B102E 可焊性规范文档免费下载,摘要:JEDECSTANDARDSolderabilityJESD22-B102E(RevisionofJESD22-B102D,September.

Solderability JESD22-B102E Method 1 Terminal Strength for SMD AEC Q200-006 Board Flex AEC Q200-005 Electrical Characterization Three Temperature Electrical Disclaimer Notice - Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. JESD22-B102E, Method 1, or IEC, Rev. PDF Immediate download.

6 Solder) 0/22 Backward Compatibility Solderability Test Table 3. jesd22-b102e pdf Tin-Lead Solder Table 1a Specification Number Test jesd22-b102e pdf Method Solder Type Flux Type Compliance TECA Tin-Lead. Data sheet jesd22-b102e pdf PT045xxVBBN Typ 020 Page 3/5 P/N 310201xx xx=number of poles /10/24 Version: Q Counterpart of. jesd22-b102e pdf solderability Acc. 245°C T hug 15°C SMD Rosin Flux (Matte tin lead finish, 60/40 SnPb Solder) 0/22 Forward Compatibility jesd22-b102e pdf Solderability Test Table S3. Title Document Date; SOLDERABILITY Status: Rescinded, this document has been replaced by J-STD-002D. JESD22-A110-B Page 2 Test Method A110-B (Revision of A110-A) 2 Apparatus (cont’d) 2. View all product details.

1 Lead jesd22-b102e Free (Pb-free) Plating Finish: A component plating pdf finish is considered Pb-free if the following. 5-00 For the tests to which this accreditation applies, please refer to the laboratory’s Mechanical Scope of Accreditation. standard by JEDEC Solid State Technology Association,.

jesd22-b102e pdf Standard JESD22-B102E 7 with jesd22-b102e pdf a controlled dip time, location, speed and temperature. The Vibration, Variable Frequency Test Method is intended to determine the ability of component(s) to withstand jesd22-b102e pdf moderate to severe vibration as a result of motion produced jesd22-b102e pdf by transportation or filed operation of electrical equipment. JEDEC STANDARD Solderability JESD22-B102E (Revision of JESD22-B102D, September ) OCTOBER JEDEC SOLID STATE TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION NOTICE JEDEC standards and publications contain material that has been prepared, reviewed, and approved through the JEDEC Board jesd22-b102e pdf of Directors level and subsequently reviewed and approved by the JEDEC legal counsel. • pdf Flux drip dry ~ 10 sec. AEC - Q005 - REV-A J Component Technical Committee Automotive Electronics Council Page 2 of 8 1. before dipping into the solder to oxidation integrity of the The copper test panels. Quality and Reliability Report pdf Document QTR-0148 Rev. 22-A110 TEST METHOD A110 HIGHLY-ACCELERATED TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY STRESS TEST (HAST) 1.

3103 North 10th Street, Suite 240-S Arlington, VA 22201 United States. - M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc. 请输入内容: 全部 doc pdf ppt xls txt 当前位置: 文档下载 > 所有分类 > 工程科技 > 信息与通信 > jesd22-b102e 可焊性规范. To check solderability performance of SnPb solder and testing conditions per JESD22-B102E. Process simulated dummies at machine using normal flow:. Box 9106 • Norwood, MA, U. Data sheet ST135xxDDNC AST135 Page 3/4 P/N AST135xx xx=number of poles /10/30 Version: D Illustrations. Summary This document describes the product qualification results for the MASW-007921, a High Power.

Avago tests parts at the absolute maximum rated conditions recommended for the device. Solderability JESD22-B102E Method 1 Resistance to Soldering Heat MIL-STD-202 Method 210 Test Condition K Product Characteristics Dimensions Packaging Part Numbering System Packaging Option Packaging Specification Quantity Quantity & Packaging Code Tape and Reel EIA-481-D 1500 D Operating Temperature-40ºC to +105ºC with proper derating. 信頼性ハンドブック UG-311 One Technology Way • P. : JESD22-B102E Oct : jesd22-b102e pdf This test method provides optional conditions for preconditioning and soldering for jesd22-b102e pdf the purpose of assessing the solderability of device package terminations.

245 °C Through hole 215°C SMD Rosin Flux (Matte tin lead finish, 60/40 SnPb Solder) 0/22 Forward Compatibility Solderability Test Table 3. 3 Terms and Definitions 1. to JEDEC JESD22-B102E 245°C/5s. 4 Minimize release of contamination Care must be exercised in the choice of board and jesd22-b102e pdf socket materials, to minimize release of contamination. Solderability Acc.

245°C SMD & hr oug le osin Flux (Matte tin lead finish, SnAgCu 95. *2 Bias Circuit *3 Method of test 1, test 2 *4 Preconditioning : The test is carried out after it is left under the high temperature and the high humidity. 5 • Solder temperature: 245°C • Flux type: ROL1 • Immersion time in jesd22-b102e pdf flux: 5-10 sec. 5/7 AN - APPLICATION NOTE When the measured wetting force is zero, the two forces are balanced. JESD22-B102E, Section 5.

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